Phobia For Weddings

I left home for University with the conviction that I wasn't going to make any friends. I was what you'd call an antisocial if simple words suited you, a standoffish if you preferred slightly big words, and an introvert if you were to shove me in a group. In my opinion, I was too clumsy… Continue reading Phobia For Weddings



Faruq leaned forward to catch the ten naira note the man in the blue sedan threw at him, missing the note by a few millimetres. The note fell to the ground and one of his colleagues quickly grabbed it. Faruq sighed and looked away. Before polio hit him last year, he was a bricklayer. It… Continue reading Faruq


Nancy was her name before she decided to move back home two years ago. She had raven hair which was always braided in finger-sized weaves. She had dark skin and her beauty, average, did not turn heads. Her decision to move back home came after she visited the village to bury her grandmother three months… Continue reading Sabango

Piss and Death.

If he were to describe it to someone, he couldn’t. It was quick and it happened at a speed light couldn’t even compete with. He knew he would always remember these spilt seconds with the amount of accuracy people remembered tragic things. Donald saw a creature or whatever it was leap out from the scattered… Continue reading Piss and Death.